No. 5 Jelgavas Street


J№ 5 Jelgavas Street (today № 3) in the 1920s
№ 5 Jelgavas Street (today № 3) in the 1920s
№ 5 Jelgavas Street in 2014
№ 5 Jelgavas Street in 2014


We will return to this photo when we go for a walk along the current Kalvenes Street, but now we will stay at the house at № 5 Jelgavas Street (nowadays № 3), which has a signboard with a coffin there.

At the end of the 18th century and the beginning of the 19th century, it was the house of Abraham Samuel Pohle, who had arrived from Breslau (Wrocław) and it belonged to him in 1834. From 1806 Pohle was the Councilor and Bailiff of the Court, in the 1820s also the Mayor of Aizpute. In 1838, he entered into an annuity agreement on the property with Rosina Aschenkampf, Pohle's youngest daughter, and her husband Gottfried Aschenkampf, the strap master.

In 1857, Rosina Aschenkampf and her children sold a plot of land with a residential house for 1,900 Rubles to Baron Julius von Fircks, the owner of Kalvene Manor, who probably built a new house here or renovated the old one, because in 1860 it was sold to the carpenter Carl Hase for 5.000 Rubles.

In 1878, Hase's widow and children sold the inherited property for 3,000 Rubles to the Court Bailiff Heinrich Notmann, there was Krišs Rugevics carpentry in this house, then Christoph Andreas Herzenberg’s carpentry, but in 1924 the house was bought from Notmann's heirs by carpenter Janis Rūce and his wife Anna, born Freidendorf for 2,000 Lats.

Anna Rūce had a coffin shop here during the First World War. The carpenter himself is not on the list of artisan taxpayers of that time, but at least in 1921 he had a coffin shop and a carpenter's workshop here.

J. Rūce carpentry had “the cheapest and most beautiful coffins available. Large selection: beautifully lacquered large coffins with various decorations, starting from 15 Lats, etc. Oak, ash and polished coffins and various funeral accessories are available.

There is also a large selection of furniture made in the workshop and ready-made beehives «Dandenblata».”

Butcher Hirsch Goldinger had also registered his trade here for some time in the 1920s.

The building was rebuilt in 1927, expanding the carpentry on the right. In the audit report of September 14, 1927, the house was named as partially renovated old workshop and residential building. The carpentry company, as mentioned, employs all the time, 11 workers. Manufactures various furniture and coffins.

Nowadays - a private residential house, which also has a shop “Mārtiņš”.





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